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About Us

Eliyaho Yagudayev
With more than 50 years experience in the construction industry on three continents and an MA in civil engineering, Eliyaho Yagudayev is the senior member of the family. He has spent the better part of his career in the field supervising, managing and building a variety of projects from single family homes and entire neighborhoods to hotels and shopping centers. He also specializes in stonework and was contracted during the construction of a number of synagogues and yeshivot in America. His principles of truthfulness, transparency and commitment are evident in the emphasis he places on client satisfaction and properly executed work. His personal credo - "I build homes for my clients as if I were building for myself." Thus he set the precedent for his sons, Ariel and Raphael.

Ariel Yagudayev
Ariel has a degree in Practical Engineering as well as 20 years experience in residential construction. He began his career as a tradesman and familiarized himself with all trades related to construction. Consequently he brings a thorough understanding of the building process from foundations through to the last ceramic tile. He also speaks excellent English.

Raphael Yagudayev
Raphael also has a degree in Practical Engineering and is a certified electrician and air-conditioning installer as well as a gifted plumber. During construction he oversees and advises on electrical and plumbing systems.

Rafi Epstein
Over the years, Project Manager Rafi Epstein has become part of the Yagudayev family. He has both a BA in Logistics and Computer Science and he has studied Practical Engineering. Much of his practical knowledge of the building industry has been acquired while working with the Yagudayevs. As an emigrant from America, he not only speaks our clients' language, but he also understands their concerns, culture and expectations and the meaning of good customer service.