Not a renovation, this was a building of a new house


  • New construction
  • Renovations (shiputzim) / Remodeling
  • Importing and installing American materials
  • Problem solving / Consulting
  • Building supervision

New construction

We attend to every detail of the homes we build and oversee each stage of construction from the foundations right through to the very last ceramic tile and the final touch of paint. We use superior quality products, importing them where necessary. We specialize in steel frame roofs which allow for larger spans, and build interior walls from drywall and insulate with imported American products. During construction we

  • Apply very strict waterproofing standards
  • Find creative ways to avoid using sewage pumps in basements
  • Take measures to ensure that floor tiles will not sink over time
  • Work with some of the best painters in the areas
  • Import Andersen windows, interior and exterior doors, hard wood floors, wood trim and casings
  • Install plumbing and electric systems only using materials that are under code

Renovations (shiputzim) / Remodeling

We are experts in large renovations and rehabilitation projects. We are able to

  • Add floors, balconies and roofs
  • Move or add staircases
  • Open new windows and doors
  • Replace or enlarge windows and doors
  • Model stonework walls, arches and more
  • Completely remodel bathrooms and kitchens
  • Undertake all drywall work from dropped ceilings to niches and more

Importing and installing leading American materials

We use local materials where practical, but often prefer to import American supplies like Andersen windows, insulation, real hard wood floors, and other items not found here at the same quality. By avoiding the middle-man and purchasing and shipping the material ourselves we actually keep costs low.

Problem solving / Consulting

We offer general building consultations. We are problem-solvers with experience developing water-proofing solutions for balconies, porous stonework, roofs, and foundation drainage etc. We are also able to improve insulation for window drafts and to prevent condensation and mold.

Building supervision

Once the building plans are complete, we assist our clients by studying the plans and contracts closely. We also oversee all contractors or companies hired by the client. We are thus able to

  • Ascertain conditions and specifications between the client and the contractor
  • Advise on possible changes; assist with pricing changes or addition
  • Ensure engineering and architectural plans are consistent
  • Educate the client about the building process in Israel enabling them to make informed decisions
  • Assist with budget building for the project
  • Guide and accompany the client through the building process
  • Ensure the contractor is building to both architectural and engineering plans and specifications
  • Ensure that unspecified aspects of the building process are done with quality materials according to common practice or code
  • Bid out and coordinate any sub-contractors
  • Provide clients with a weekly status report

What we do

At Ariel Homes, we specialize in building or renovating homes for Anglo clients, meeting the high standards they have come to expect. Our experience and expertise make it possible for them to live in an American-style home in Israel with all the quality and comfort familiar to them - from steel frames to imported American interior and exterior doors, Andersen windows and solid wood floors.

We are involved from the beginning of a construction project and advise our clients throughout the process. Our price quotes are solid, our time estimates reflect reality, we make sure you are completely clear on the plan and are comfortable with the construction process. In short, the only surprise you'll have will be how impressive the result is.

We are confident to stand behind our work and offer a 10-year warranty on all homes we build from scratch. In addition, we regularly follow up with our clients to ensure their ongoing satisfaction.

How we do it

Any construction project can be quite daunting to most people. At Ariel Homes we are committed to personally overseeing all our projects - from remodeling or expanding homes to building them from scratch - and are dedicated to quality, both of our work and the materials we use. We see our job as not only translating the blueprints of your home into reality, but also drawing on our experience to anticipate potential design dilemmas and find innovative solutions.

We are aware that clients are in the difficult position of dealing with people who know more about design and construction than they do. We endeavor to make the construction process and expenses involved as clear as possible for our clients. At Ariel Homes we pride ourselves on realistic pricing and deadlines and anticipating hidden costs.

How do we achieve the above?

With commonsense, personal care, attention to detail, candid communication, planning, commitment and our personal guarantee.