Building contractor in the Jerusalem area


The word around town was Ariel Yagudayev is the best around. Well we decided to go with Ariel and could not be happier. Read entire letter...

Jeffrey & Tema Klausner
April 2013

We know we can count on Ariel to stand behind his work. That's why we chose to work with him and his team, and we'd do it again without hesitation. Read entire letter...

Jenny and Elan Zivotofsky
August 2010

With Ariel, you can be sure that your home will not only look great but will also stand the test of time. He understands and cares about every detail from the smallest esthetic to the most critical infrastructure, and has been extremely active in following up with us and making any needed fixes or minor changes in the 2 years since we moved in. Read entire letter...

Yuri and Yocheved Shoshan
January 2010

No one letter could do justice to the value Ariel added to our house. He literally spent tens of hours explaining to us every option for every window in the house. He took every precaution to insure the structural integrity and waterproofing of our house. Read entire letter...

Bentzie and Amy Schlakman
January 2010

"You are a man of your word and you always maintained our trust. It has been a pleasure working with you both personally and professionally and we value the friendship that has grown from our business relationship." Read entire letter...

Rivka Reena and Michael
January 2009
Ma'aleh A'dumim

"I am extremely satisfied by the quality, price, level of workmanship, and the service that I received and I would highly recommend Ariel Homes to anyone else considering a renovation on their home." Read entire letter...

December 2008

"I wholeheartedly and without reservation recommend him to anyone building a house that they seek to make their home. It was a pleasure to work with someone with such integrity..." Read entire letter...

August 2008

"...the home that they built for us improved upon the design created by our architects (which was excellent to start with) AND exceeded our expectations." Read entire letter...

Jeremy and Rocky
December 2005
Gush Etzion

"...Ariel refused to compromise in this area and used only superior and more expensive materials, though he was not bound contractually to do so. Possibly serious problems in the house, such as water damage, were avoided because Ariel considered how to address these issues at every stage of the construction, rather than attempting to solve them after the fact." Read entire letter...

Janine and Gershom
December 2004
Gush Etzion

"During the entire period of construction, our respect for Ariel only grew not only because of his tremendous professionalism, but also for his honesty and integrity. We very quickly learned to respect his judgment and at every stage of construction we had the utmost confidence that the only consideration was what was best for our house." Read entire letter...

David and Judy
January 2003