Not a renovation, this was a building of a new house

Our Uniqueness

Eliyaho Yagudayev, who has over 50 years experience in the construction industry and an MA in civil engineering, is the senior member of a family of expert contractors who manage Ariel Homes. His personal credo is "I build homes for my clients as if I were building for myself." His principles of truthfulness, transparency and commitment are evident in the emphasis he places on client satisfaction and properly executed work. Eliyaho and his son, Ariel, spent a number of years working in the construction industry in the US learning the nature of the trade in that market. Ariel Homes has imported these expertises to Israel enabling them to build homes to the satisfaction of their Anglo customers.

Building or improving ("shiputzim") a home require careful consideration and commonsense to ensure that the various components work and fit together as well as possible. Designing and constructing a house are complex processes that require meticulous attention to detail and quality. When properly executed, this takes time and costs money. "Money is important, but impeccable work and a satisfied client are more important," says Eliyaho.

Once a project has begun, our job is to improvise to ensure that construction runs smoothly. Honesty and openness are crucial to the success of the project and both parties should be able to communicate candidly with one another. Eliyaho emphasizes, "It is essential to speak the truth when building a home, even if it is unpleasant."

At Ariel Homes, the people we work with become more than just our clients. We take pride in the homes we build for them and we are confident to stand behind our work being the only contractors to offer a 10 year warrantee on major aspects of our homes. "Caring for our clients and their homes over the long term shows how serious we are," Eliyaho says. Ariel homes believes that there is no reason our customers should compromise on the quality of the home and deserve the best service possible.

Eliyaho's principles and his extensive experience in the field supervising, managing and building a variety of projects from single family homes and neighborhoods to hotels and shopping centers have paved the way for his two sons, Ariel and Raphael, to continue the family tradition of building and renovating homes to the standards that our Anglo clients expect. Rafi Epstein, an American-born oleh, completes the Ariel Homes management team.